God, we wonder where Jesus learned to read and write; perhaps the Nazareth Synagogue. We wonder what and where he played as a boy. We remember he cracked a joke about children playing at weddings and funerals.

We pray for all children whose games are confined and frustrated but all the more precious.

We pray for our schools as they welcome children back, making safe space for their learning, and their play, which attends to serious things in life.

We remember Jesus growing up to be a great storyteller and teacher, and so pray for teachers today, blessing them for their story telling, encouraging and guiding, especially when they have their own anxieties to keep at bay.

We remember Jesus as protector of the vulnerable. We pray for all the staff, administrators, cooks, cleaners and caretakers, with new and complex responsibilities keeping everyone safe.

We pray for any who are fearful of returning and any who are frustrated not to be able to.

Reassure them all that, as children, teachers and protectors of the vulnerable, you are very, very close to them.

Assure them that we treasure them, and so do you.



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